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Hey there, 

       so glad you found me. 

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Putting you at ease

Finding a salon to fit your needs can be overwhelming. Making a good connection with a stylist is sometimes hard. I understand, and want to assure you your comfort is my top priority. I lay out as much information as I can here on my website so that when we connect in person, it will feel like we've already met!    

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Am I the one for you?

I've focused my education in extensions and color.

I really have a passion for providing length and thickness to people who struggle having that naturally. This pairs beautifully with customizing your color for a flawless extension blend.

If you're looking for someone who knows all the ins and outs of extension applications, can make a killer blonde with advanced blonding techniques, or someone who knows how to change grey hair into beautiful dimensional color, you've found her.

With the increase demand of my time for these services, haircuts may only be booked in conjunction with a color or extension service.  

Sound great so far? Here's what's next.

Melissa Henriksen Wisconsin stylist, keratin bond extensions, hand tied weft, Delafield Hartland stylist

   Interested in extensions?

There's a 3 step success path

Want to revitalize your color?

You can do that in 3 easy steps

Check out and choose a new guest color package from below.


Choose this package if you're looking to have ONE of the following done:

  • Outgrowth maintenance for a single color on your roots

  • ​Highlights on areas that the sun would naturally touch. In other words- a partial application

  • Covering highlights with an all over darker hair color


  • Clear gloss color application for shine

2-2.5 HOURS

Choose this booking package if you're looking to get ONE of these options done:

  • Highlights all over your head, still seeing the natural dimension of your base color


  • Highlights around your face and an additional color on the hair not being highlighted


  • Combination of highlights and lowlights to lighten or deepen your current look slightly



Choose this package if you're looking to:

  • Completely change your current look.

  • Have all over highlighted hair to the point of not seeing your natural color

  • Looking for the sought after airtouch technique

  • Have color done and you have extremely long and/or extremely thick hair


4.5+ HOURS

All Packages Include

  • A thorough in person consultation going over your hair color history, previous struggles of styling and haircut shape, expectations for your final color result and a suggested maintenance schedule for future appointments

  • A relaxing shampoo with warm towels and scalp massage

  • A haircut if interested 

  • Blow dry style with product recommendations

  • If time permits, before and after photos are taken 

Are you ready to meet?

Click to request your service time 

Then fill out your consultation form

Melissa stylist, IBE hand tied weft keratin bonded extensions,

New guest prices are elevated from returning guest prices. This takes into consideration the extensive amount of time I like to spend on a new guest consultation, the extra product needed to adjust formulas and match or change existing color on the hair, and the time to let your hair process as needed to keep the health of your hair intact.


Where do I park?

Is there a receptionist?

What forms of payment do you take?

We have parking all around our building. Feel free to use any of those spots. Our neighboring businesses are friendly and will let you park in their lots if we're full 

There's not! I will likely meet you at the front desk area. If I'm not there, feel free to make yourself a coffee or grab a water at the beverage bar. You can have a seat in the lobby and I or my assistant will bring you back. 

I accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Venmo for Business. I prefer whatever method above is the most convenient for you. 

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