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Color Offerings


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Mini Express  $65+

5-7 foils placed around the hairline or on your part line. Perfect for someone who wants to experiment with color for the first time, someone looking for a very subtle lightening around the face, or a client that needs a super quick touch up in between regular appointments.   

Partial  $90+

The ultimate in blonding. This service places the maximum amount of foils throughout your hair with special care around your hairline and part line. You can achieve thicker ribbons of color with this service but most people leave the salon looking many shades lighter all over- a truly blended lightening application. 

Highlights expertly placed around the hairline, part line and crown area. Perfect for someone who has minimal layers, someone wanting to have some beautiful contrasting color from their base color and even someone wanting to transition to a lighter OR darker color but wants to experiment slowly.

Foilyage  $265+

Massive Blonde  $265+

Balayage, or most recently renamed 'lived in color' is still trending but I choose to perform this method using foils hence the term 'Foilyage'. I believe it ensures a more predictable outcome. The end result of this application is a lightening of the midshaft and ends of the hair, avoiding the root area.   

All Over Highlights  $200+

Highlights placed strategically all over the head paying close attention to where brightness is needed the most. This is a great application for someone who has a lot of layers, someone who likes dimension throughout your hair, and even if you have grey and want to blend but not fully cover it. 

This is a sought after Russian-originating method of foiling. Each section is painstakingly sectioned. Forced air is used on the section leaving the longest hairs available to be foiled. The result is the most blended blonde near the roots and a full coverage lightening on the ends. This service is best on hair that is wispier and less dense. Clients who are not a good candidate can alternatively have an all over highlight or foilyage done.  

Airtouch  $400+

Brunettes & Grey Coverage

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Express Maintenance  $70+

Are you a returning guest? Rushed for time? Need to sneak in quick between appointments to hide that grey hairline because something came up? This appointment will apply color on a 1/2" depth around your hairline, and a 1/2" depth on either side of your specified part line. THIS APPOINTMENT WILL NOT APPLY COLOR TO ANY OTHER GREY OR ROOT AREAS. You may book this appointment up to 2 times before needing a full service appointment. 

Traditional Maintenance  $115+

This is for the client that comes in every  2-6 weeks and is in need of grey coverage at the root area only. Expertly formulated and applied color to blend or fully cover your grey outgrowth.   

Maintenance Extended  $125+

This is for clients that haven't had their color attended to in over 6 weeks. Extra attention, time, and product will be used to create a seamless color. 

Maintenance & Balance  $145+

This is a standard grey coverage application on your outgrowth with an additional formulation applied to the remaining portion (ends) of your hair.  

Maintenance & Foilyage  $340+

For Brunettes that need some color balance at the root but also want those beautiful subtle pieces of color popping throughout their hair for some contrast. 

Maintenance & Mini  $180+

This is a standard grey coverage application on your outgrowth with 5-7 expertly placed foils. This is for the client who likes a small amount of blended lightness around the hairline or right along the part line. This is not meant to dramatically brighten or increase dimension. 

Maintenance & Dimensional  $215+

This is a standard grey coverage application on your outgrowth with expertly placed foils generally around the hairline, part line and crown. This is the most common application for clients who like full coverage for their grey as well as a decent amount of dimension. For those that haven't had highlights in a while that also have a significant amount of layers, it is suggested to book 'Outgrowth Maintenance with All Over Highlights'

Maintenance & All Over $275+

This is a standard grey coverage application on your outgrowth with expertly placed foils throughout your hair. This is the most common application for clients who like full grey coverage with a decent amount of dimension and wear a haircut with layers throughout the hair. 

With the increase in demand for extensions and color, haircuts will no longer be offered as a stand alone service. You may however, add a haircut to any color service.  

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