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An investment you get to enjoy every day

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Investments usually need to be looked after, managed. The same can be said for any extension service. Let's take a look at what it takes to maintain extensions so you can keep your natural hair at its healthiest as well as maintain the integrity of your hair investment.   

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Brush Brush Brush

This is the most important thing you can do to keep your extensions in the best condition and to get the most longevity out of them. This will help avoid matting and tangles, making your grow out look as good as a fresh install.

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Your extension hair has gone through a lot of chemical processes before getting to you. Now you're blasting them with heat from a blow dryer, curling irons, hanging in the sun... 
You want your hair to be smooth, shiny... all the things. Adding moisture on the regular will keep your locks looking amazing, easier to brush, and and will increase the longevity of your extension hairs' life. 

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Blow dry your hair

It is important for the longevity of your extensions to keep the area of connection dry. For keratin bonds, extended time in moisture can break down the polymer, weaken the attachment, and extensions can slip and fall out. This is a testament as to how gentle it is to your natural hair.

For wefts, moisture can cause the braided weft hair to swell. Swelling for extended amounts of time can cause the hair to stay in that enlarged state. this can cause hair to unravel, get caught in your brush, and decrease the amount of re-installs you're able to do with them.


What's the financial commitment?

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What's beautiful is there are no two heads of hair exactly alike.

Unfortunately, that makes it very hard to narrow down a price, even if you know exactly what you want. I've put together ranges of what typical prices come to for the categories listed below. Please keep in mind that the cost we discuss during your in person consultation may differ.  

Keratin Bonded Extensions

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Installations last 3-5 months depending on natural hair growth rate and at home maintenance  


Front Fill In  $500~1450

Helps improve length and density of the sides of your hair and around your face taking your hairline into consideration. This is meant to match with your existing length in the back. 

Add Thickness, Maintain Length  $750~1800  

Bump up your thickness and add some volume to the current density of your hair. Matches your existing all over length. This is the perfect category for someone that wants to add color to their hair without the use of chemicals on their natural hair. 

Add Thickness, Lengthen a Little  $1250~2150

Add thickness as well as some length to your current hair. Your natural hair density determines the amount of hair extensions needed to create the length desired.  Achievable lengths in this price range are usually 1-3 inches. 

Major Thickness, Add Length  $1650~2850

Add major thickness and length to your current look. This install can provide approximately 1-7 inches of additional length depending on the density of your natural hair and current length of your natural hair. 

Maximum Thickness, Maximum Length  $2500~4200+

This is a total transformation service. Add Maximum length and thickness to your hair. This install can provide up to 24 inches of length to your hair. 

Removal is included in this price as long as extensions are maintained. If detangling is needed, removal pricing is $100 an hour.

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Hand Tied Weft Extensions

Initial Installs

Initial installs includes the cost of hair and install. Hair can be ordered in a variety of colors and some come rooted (darker at the roots, lighter on the ends). Color charges may occur for custom color looks.   

One Row  $800+

For Thickness

Two Rows  $1600+

Thickness and/or length

Three Rows  $2000+

Max Density and Length

Move Up Appointments

Move up appointments are when currently installed hair is in good condition and is used in a re-application, or move up. Hair only bought and supplied through Melissa can and will be used. 

Each Row  $200

Removal Only  $40

With proper at-home care, wefts can be moved up 2-3 times or last up to 6 months. Move-ups are encouraged every 6-8 weeks.

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Ready for the next step?

Now that you've gained some extension knowledge, I'm positive you've gained some desire to invest in them.

The last step is to fill out an online consultation form. This helps gather all of the info I need without wasting your time or money before coming in for the in person consult. 

I will go through your form after you submit.  If I think we're a good fit for each other, we'll pick a time that works for both of us to meet in person. We'll go over any final questions either of us have, color match you to your current or goal color, and schedule the install date. 

You are going to love your new look! 

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