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Length and thickness you can enjoy in hours instead of waiting for years.

Two methods I put my trust in  


Hand Tied Weft


Keratin Fusion

What's the difference?


Keratin bonded extensions are polymer compounds. The molecular structure mimics human hair, expanding when wet and contracting when dry. This allows the keratin to move and behave like your own hair giving it a strong hold but reducing the chance for damage. 


Hand tied weft extensions refer to the way the hair weft is made. A collection of hair is woven by hand creating a line of hair with the smallest, almost imperceptible braid at the top. This also make this piece extremely flat and lightweight, allowing it to lay close to the scalp for maximum comfort and wearability. 


The bonds are attached with a cold fusion machine. Friction created by the tool makes the bond warm and pliable so it can be wrapped around a strategically chosen amount of your natural hair. 


Removal depends on how fast your natural hair grows as well as how much natural shedding occurs. Typically, it's between 3 and 6 months (20wks shown here). We determine timing based on how much natural hair is supporting the inserted bond as well as how your at-home maintenance has kept up. 

For the healthiest reapplication, the beads, thread and weft are completely removed, and new beads are installed. This is typically done on the same day as a color maintenance appointment.  


With this method, hair is not reusable. Removal entails putting a solution on the bond, then using the removal tool shown here to soften. With gentle pressure, they should slip right out. Without proper brushing, matting can occur. When hair is matted or tangled, this process can be very time consuming and unsafe for your natural hair. Removal is charged by the hour and can be very pricey when detangling is needed. In some cases, re-installation may not be allowed.   


The weft is attached to your hair by first anchoring silicone lined beads in the needed areas following your hairs' natural fall. Then the weft is anchored with clips, and sewn around the beads using a cotton thread. 

In 6-8 weeks, the beads and weft will have grown out with your hair. Removals are very quick. The thread is carefully cut and the beads are taken out. Hair can usually be reused up to three times, and can last up to 6 months with proper at home care.    

Let's make your investment last!

Want to know how to make your extensions last? Click here to learn about extension maintenance as well as pricing estimates.  

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