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Extension Success Path

Making the leap into getting extensions is not only a time investment, but also a financial one. I want to make sure you are equipped with the knowledge you need to confidently move forward.


Follow this path to begin your successful lifestyle with extensions 

Choosing an extension method


Which method is for me?

There are literally hundreds of different methods, hair type, longevity, pricing.... this list goes on.

I specialize in two, the ones I've found after my own research to be the best in quality, ethically sourced, and most importantly, the healthiest for natural hair growth.     

I've laid out information about both methods on the extension method page. Check it out to learn more about them.  

Extension prices and timing estimates

Check out the pricing & timing estimates.

Estimates are what they are, just estimates.

Every head of hair is unique. Exact pricing and timing is next to impossible to give even if you've worn extensions in the past or are currently wearing them. My recommendation as a provider may be different than others with the health of your hair & scalp as the main priority. 

This does give a rough idea as to what service totals may come to and explain how pricing varies between each method as well as cost differences for length. Timing will differ depending on color services and current extensions.


online inperson consultation for extensions, Lake country stylist Melissa Henriksen

I am too. Extensions are the confidence boosting, instant gratification that people are looking for that I love delivering.  Before moving forward, there's one more step. An online consultation form needs to be filled out prior to being approved for an in-person consult. After submitting the form, being approved, and booking the in-person consult, write down any questions you have and be ready to have the hair of your dreams be turned into reality!



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